Monday, October 7, 2013

I've got work to do!

I realize I have unfinished work. I seek inner guidance. I hold on to myself before I lose sight. The world around me has no interest in what I try to do. Not anyone will care any more or any less if I quit what I do. It doesn't hurt anyone if I walked away. This assigned role for women, such societal norms still continue because they are convenient for many. Many, who have already gotten powerful because of centuries of practice and backing.  

Why do I still try to do? I had a grandmother who tried; have a mom who partially succeeded, and a daughter who will try to do something her heart desires in a few years. I have to keep going, for their sake and mine.  I wonder why I burnt those mid-night lamps. Was it necessary to work hard to get somewhere? I am a soul brought to this world, to live my life, not just to play parts in other lives. 

I like watching light-hearted Bollywood movies, they create a world of illusion so different from reality. I have enjoyed watching hero-centric movies too where heroines are called in to look good in song sequences. After all they are just movies, not life! But movies seem to have a profound influence on the public conscience, and not the other-way-around. Of-late I've realized that public conscience is the worst conscience ever! If you doubt, please check the destructive comments in any online news article - everything boils down to caste, religion, politics or sex.  

Media is having fun, not all but 70% focus on projecting fear, worry, insecurity and condemnation. Not on nurturing hope, solidarity, respect and peace. Not for giving anyone a chance, but for tearing apart people in a way they would never rise. Then their job is done. The media, the movies, the public - all that which shape the ‘world’ - their jobs get done! Not mine. But I am not done yet! Infact, I've just begun. And I am committed to finish what I've begun. I have unfinished work. And I seek inner guidance for finishing it.